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The Ascend Charter School administrative headquarters were completed early last summer.  The conversion which took a matter of months combined a smaller room of offices with two adjoining classrooms to create a better light, more spacious and comfortable work environment.



This custom built steel millwork was designed to act as a hub for all of the school announcements, and as a place for teachers to converse with administrative staff on a day to day basis.  The steel edged soffit about the transaction counter utilizes the high ceilings, and provides ample light as well as a pleasing design for students and staff who spend most of their time in the school learning and giving instruction.



Phase I of the two phase Canarsie Ascend Charter school in Canarsie, Brooklyn was completed late last summer.  Here are a few photos to show the simplicity of this renovation that involved updating the finishes on the ceilings, walls and floors, as well as updating all the furniture and lighting packages.  The travertine and terrazzo surfaces in the interior spaces of the lobby have all been meticulously restored to there original luster and school is in session!

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The openness and lightness of these Creative classrooms on Rockaway Avenue in Brooklyn is due to raised coffers in the ceiling grid, an abundance of natural light from large window openings on two sides of the room and an intelligent lighting design to help evenly illuminate the entire space for instruction.  The technology on the wall is a smart marker board that incorporates both digital and analog teaching methods into a single panel.


Our 98th Street School in Brownsville, Brooklyn has been completed for over a year now.  Here is a photo the and reception lobby with a suspended soffit with down-lights below the exposed ceiling.